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My name is Landon McCollum. I am a well-rounded Registered Nurse who works in an Emergency Department. I founded this nursing ministry as an answer to my deepest and most perplexing problem. "I Love God and I Love my patients and my coworkers, but how the heck am going to keep doing this for a living?"   I know you have asked yourself this question too. In fact, a recent survey showed that the MAJORITY of nurses would leave nursing if they could. Many are making plans to leave in the coming years. Some are sincerely in despair.  You cannot always change the outside world, but you can always change your interior life. At Town nurse, I aim to fortify your interior with practical insights and substantial content rooted in the teachings of Christ.

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My Story

I graduated the U. S. Marchant Marine Academy in 2011. My career as a ship operator would eventually be interrupted when I began living and working in Romania. When not on the Black Sea drilling for oil and gas, I would spend my time in Bucharest with a little Irish nun named Rose Carmel. It was there that I discovered the joy of serving the poor. Before long, I decided that I needed to reorder my life in such a way that a ministry of Mercy could simultaneously be my profession.  My heart had been transformed.  By May of 2017 I graduated Bellarmine University through their 1-year accelerated 2nd Degree BSN program.  I worked in a couple of hospitals and gained a skill set, but some things in healthcare didn't sit well with me.  I could never tell if I was the problem, or if it was merely the brutal nature of nursing that left me feeling so misaligned.  In late 2019, I decided to take a sabbatical from nursing.  I am not kidding you, I spent months riding a bicycle across the United States with a couple of guys who were also soul searching looking for some serious adventure.  We inched our way across the country ensuring that we would get to daily mass at the next church nearly every day. We would sleep behind hedges, in city parks and even behind the occasional Walmart.  Any place where we could find cover and not be disturbed by other homeless was fair game.  At the end of the journey, I intuited that I needed to go to Catholic Seminary. It was a deep silent pull that any straight man would pretend not to hear for a lifetime, but living a life so radically reliant on God gave me the grace to say "yes" without hesitation.  Now 2021, while undertaking a master's in philosophy at a Seminary in Miami, I would undergo a major health crisis that would leave me unable to continue formation. I spent months recovering and eventually reinstated my nursing license and entered into professional life again. Since then, I have worked in several hospitals as ER Staff, ER Charge and ER Director. I attempted to launched Wholistic Nurse Coaching business, but now I believe I have found my niche' where my unique set of experiences and knowledge can aid nurses in fortifying their interior lives. I want nurses to stay the course and even thrive as the Healthcare system seems to enter into ever challenging times. 

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