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This is a coaching website for professional nurses.   We live in challenging times and healthcare workers feel degraded, abused and are tempted to despair.  Our employers don't have the answers and many nurses are deciding that the personal cost of persevering is too great. I want to fortify your interior life to help you become more resilient, effective and at peace in the workplace, fanning that interior flame that called you into nursing in the first place! In providing Catholic perspectives on human dignity, spiritual insights from Christians throughout the ages, and good ole fashion lessons on the cultivating the virtues I believe together we can turn a corner and bring joy into the workplace anew.   When we cannot change the exterior circumstances, we can always change our interiors. We can grow in wisdom, understanding, virtue and, yes, we can grow in unto union with God and join our Lord on the Cross.

Landon McCollum

Wholistic Nurse Coach

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